Our services

Uniondale Neighborhood Center is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3)nonprofit corporation that administers the John J Byrne Community Center’s facilities. We enable community groups to have a centrally-located venue for their programs.


Our programs focus on community needs.
We provide and upkeep the facilities, while other agencies deliver the community services. Our priority is services for children, youth, young families, and seniors.

We currently support a youth project which caters to after-school and summer programs, a music studio for at-risk youth, and a martial arts club.

Other Activities

We provide for a variety of community activities that range from:

  • Community meetings
  • Community garden
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Events

Memberships and  Events

The community center is open to the public for the services we provide. Since we need financial support for our operations, we work with agencies and those we provide space for the support we need. Help may come from memberships and fees for usage and events.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (516) 554-8154 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Groups interested in delivering community services under the auspices of the community center may contact Uniondale Neighborhood Center to explore and collaborate on potentially available opportunities.


Volunteers are the backbone of any charitable organization, and John J Byrne Community Center is the product of those invaluable community volunteers.

You’re critical to our survival and ability to make a difference. Your experience and technical background set us apart from the rest. Please, consider volunteering your services.

Become a Sponsor

We need funds to sustain our operations and expand our services. Sponsoring us as one of your leading charities or supporting our fundraising events will make a positive difference.

Your sponsorship may be in multiple ways, such as cash, IRA donations, marketable securities like stocks, insurance policies, real estate, bequests, portfolios and annuities, donor-advised funds, in-kind furniture, equipment, or services.

We value your contributions and make it easy for you to be helpful, whether online or offline.

Become a Member

Membership has its privileges. More so, you help ensure our survival, which, in turn, supports others in need.

As a member, we accord you certain benefits that others may not be able to tap.