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New Community Center

Our new facility, when on board, will change much of the way we do things. From expanded meeting room space to expanded programs, the possibilities are representing a paradigm shift. You're invited to explore some of the shifts right here.

(Front View) The new community center on the AHP Campus, located at 925 Jerusalem Avenue, is approximately 4,000 ft², with a total capacity for 89 persons. Public use spaces include 2 multipurpose rooms, 1 conference room, and 2 meeting rooms. A fully equipped pantry is available, along with restrooms, and administrative facilities.

Available Space & Amenities


Up to 100 vehicles, parking capacity with handicapped space & ramp accessibility to building entrance.

Meeting Room - A

130 square-feet meeting room.

Meeting Room - B

100 square-feet meeting room.

Multipurpose Room - A

400 square-feet multipurpose room with 35" flat screen TV, stage and podium with microphone. Capacity for up to 50 persons. Access to pantry with refrigerators, microwave etc.

Multipurpose Room - B

240 square-feet multipurpose room with 35" flat screen TV. Capacity for up to 35 persons.

Conference Room

230 square-feet Conference room.