Our Programs & Activities

Program Focus

Our primary focus is programs and activities for youth. However, our programming interests are vast and include young children with young families and seniors.

Our areas of programming interests extend beyond health and wellness, self-improvement, recreation, education, and civic. Subsequently, our desires to accommodate many points of view to bring you the best-in-class, quality community services.

Our Program Providers

Nonprofit agencies and community groups provide the programs and activities within our community center hub.

We offer organizations needing physical space for their programs to collaborate with us to deliver the programs our community needs.

If your geographic reach is Uniondale and its surrounding communities, it makes sense to consider working with us.

Associating with us as a member is a savvy business choice for those where physical space is not necessary.

Youth Programs

Youth After-School & Summer Camp

After-School Program

Community Council Youth Project (UCCYP), which started in 1979 to provide high school and judo classes at a nearby Methodist Church, operates the following:

  • Advantage After-School
  • YDDP Partnership
  • Summer Camp

Music Studio

Energetic Enterprise Youth Community Studio (EEYCS) provides:

  • An Eight-Week Podcast program. The program offers instruction for its youthful participants in the process and relevant equipment needed for podcasting.
  • An after-school opportunity to showcase their talents and interests
  • Musical Performance and Production – developing skills for youth in songwriting, singing, music engineering, and deejaying.
  • Sports – providing youth instructions in the fundamentals of flag football and soccer
  • Production of youth television interview episodes


Martial Arts Club

PROGRAM PREMISE: The practicing of Judo and Ju-Jitsu for Individual health and self-defense

LOCATION: John J. Byrne Community Center | UNIONDALE

                      806 Jerusalem Avenue

                      Uniondale, NY 11553

                      Contact: Felix Guerra

CURRICULUM: Introduction to Martial Arts for Adults, ages 18 and over 

POPULATION TARGET: 18 years and older

PURPOSE: Provide information on martial arts techniques through exercise and stretching designed to improve the strength and capacity of the body to function at optimal levels, thus potentially extending life and feelings of well-being. The sessions provide proper martial arts techniques used in self-defense and situations of aggression. As a result of these sessions, the student’s self-esteem, independence, body, mind, and spirit may experience excellent benefits.

INSTRUCTOR: Felix Guerra, Black Belt

MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING: Introduced to the Martial Arts in 1968 at The Tremont School of Judo and Ju-Jitsu, Felix’s love of Martial Arts is evident by his continued training at Zerega School of Judo & Ju-Jitsu. He earned his Brown Belt and Black Belt under Sensei Joe Villani at the Uniondale Community Council, Center for Judo, and Ju-Jitsu Club.


Seminars Meetings &  Workshops

Our facilities are available for seminars, meetings, and workshops, in addition to trade shows, fundraising events, and celebratory events.

We have been hosting:

  • Self-Improvement, Dream Interpretation, Hypnosis, and Health & Wellness
  • Defensive Driving Classes
    Networking-Marketing Workshops
    Fundraising Lectures
  • Civic Organizations Meetings, (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
  • Instant Drop-In Meet-ups
  • Private Birthdays, Repasts, Baby Showers, Weddings, Community Fundraising Events, and Cookouts
  • Lectures, and Church Groups

Community Garden

 John J Byrne Community Center Village Store

Community Garden


The expansive grounds of the facility accommodate areas for indulging your appetite for gardening.

We invite residents to be a part, to grow and harvest their crops in an atmosphere of learning, sharing, and socializing.

We assign members to their plots to build their raised garden beds to plant and cultivate cooperatively with other club members according to specific rules and regulations.

Expert gardeners and professionals visit to impart their knowledge and expertise from time to time.

Interested residents may get in touch with us to become members of this group.

Join Our Community Garden

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