Uniondale Neighborhood Center closes on property in Uniondale, four years after its founding!

April 19, 1990 – Almost four years after its debut as a community organization in September of 1986 Uniondale Neighborhood Center successfully acquires property at 800 Jerusalem Avenue in Uniondale.

With the help of leaders in the community, and especially Hon. Joseph P. Margiotta, attorney at Margiotta & Ricigliano at 599 Jerusalem Avenue, Uniondale Uniondale Neighborhood acquires 800 Jerusalem Avenue as the planned site of a community center. 

To procure the property, the organization utilized a member item received from Hon. Barbara Patton for a downpayment and signed a mortgage of $100 thousand with Dime Savings Bank of New York. 

The Hon. Joseph P. Margiotta was mainly instrumental in guiding the acquisition. The board of directors was very appreciative of the work done by Hon. Margiotta and his office. The organization recognized that his assistance was invaluable, and they could not have accomplished this feat on their own.


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