Does anyone have an uplifting story about Uniondale?

There are undoubtedly many uplifting anecdotes out there of Uniondale, and we applaud you in seeking out those stories and join you in encouraging the discussion.

We also feel there should be a boisterous discussion surrounding the future of Uniondale, the region, and the entire nation, given the current crisis we're all experiencing. Contact us.  Experts from various schools of thought seem to be saying there's a paradigm shift - that the way we interact with each other in business and social contexts is undergoing a sea change. We will have to analyze and adapt our behaviors to ensure that our social and business activities do not negatively impact our health, fiscal stability, and the economy at-large in the face of any crisis, pandemic, or otherwise.

What we're doing at John J. Byrne Community Center  - to build a community center in Uniondale - will require us to adapt in the context of post-COVID-19 realities. We have to figure out other ways of helping our community residents and businesses, despite the challenges our organization is facing - fundraising for operating and capital expansion prerogatives. Developing a community blueprint with community partners that factors in crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that does not disrupt our regular social and business interactions, is one of them, working with companies, and others to create an arsenal of solutions, and implementing them is another. Contact us.


John J. Byrne Community Center is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization whose mission is to build and operate a community center in Uniondale, and we're unabashedly sincere when you support us.

Arguably, our story may not meet the standard of personal uplifting stories about Uniondale. Still, we're confident that our goal of "building something new together," in partnership with our businesses and community organizations, is "uplifting." We urge anyone interested in making a positive difference in Uniondale to contact us so we can do so together. Contact us.

Alert! Avoid the Emergency Room during the CORVID-19 crisis. Sign up for your own TeleHealth account here. Available to individuals and families.


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