Other Methods of Giving

Giving Methods are only limited by your imagination

In our efforts to build and sustain our organization we are open to exploring a variety of methods to do so. We are not limited only to the traditional ways as here outlined.

Picking Up Trash

Wire Transfer Instructions

You can wire funds directly to UNC from your bank using the information provided below. To ensure proper crediting, please include your name and intended purpose.

Receiving Bank: TD Bank 
Beneficiary Legal Account: Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc.
Account #: 4252508205
ACH Routing #: 026013673
Memo/Reference: Donor Name, Intended Gift Purpose (fund name), Honoring

Contributions from Your IRA

This letter contains transfer instructions from you to your IRA Administrator.

This letter informs UNC that you wish to direct your gift to UNC and ensures the appropriate application of your gift to fund.

Stock Transfers

When giving long-term appreciated stock to UNC, donors may take a charitable income tax deduction for its mean fair market value on the date of the gift and avoid capital gains tax.
To make a gift of stock, please contact us to begin the process.

Employer Matching

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match contributions made to Uniondale Neighborhood Center by their employees. To find out if you or your spouse's company has a matching gift program, Contact Us.
To find out if your company matches employee gifts, contact your HR Benefits Department. Upon receipt of Matching Gifts, all matching gifts count toward a donor’s total giving.

Recurring Giving

Support UNC automatically — on a monthly or annual basis — via credit card. This will ensure that you are counted as a donor every year and help UNC to plan every year and help UNC to plan more effectively. You may also complete a pledge form and send a check monthly or annually to UNC.

In-Kind Donations

Useable and re-distributable items of furniture and equipment, paintings, books and other items of value are welcome donations. They provide us options for strengthening our infrastructure and raising funds through auctions, yard sales, and other fundraising events.

Other Ways to Give

Other ways to give include:

- Insurance Policies

- Real Estate

- Will Bequests

- Securities Portfolios, like 401K, 403B, Annuities, etc

Contact us to discuss your options. 


Giving is Easy

Every day is a Giving Day. Donate now using one of the easy methods available here.

Picking Up Trash

By Credit Card

By PayPal

By Check

By Phone

By Wire Transfer

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