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David Greaves, President/CEO
Uniondale Neighborhood Center
800 Jerusalem Avenue
Uniondale, NY 11553
September 15, 2008

 Dear Mr. Greaves

The Nassau Health Care Corporation ("NHCC") is pleased to assist the Uniondale Neighborhood Center ("UNC") in UNC's efforts to bring a new Community Center and athletic fields for the Uniondale population to enjoy. Towards that end, NHCC is committed to the following relative to its 64-acre property at 875 Jerusalem Avenue, Uniondale (the "Uniondale Property"):

  • Requiring from a developer that they set aside two million ($2,000,000) dollars for the construction of a new community center. It is envisioned that the barn now on the Uniondale Property, if suitable, be refurbished to house the new Community Center;

  • Requiring that adjacent property be set aside as ball fields to be accessed by the community; and

  • Assisting UNC, as best as possible, in developing strategies to ensure the Community Center's long-term sustainability. Possible strategies may include, but are not limited to, sale of current assets for cash to be set aside in building and upkeep; fundraising; or development of revenue-generating programs to support Community Center maintenance and activities.

    As discussed with you, these commitments are contingent upon UNC's developing an acceptable and viable long-term strategy that allows for the sustainability of such a Community Center. As stated in the third bullet above, NHCC is committed to assisting UNC in that effort. It is also contingent upon NHCC selling the approximately fifty acres of Uniondale Property as previously discussed and currently proposed.

         My staff and I look forward to assisting UNC in their efforts.

    Very truly yours,

    Arthur A. Gianelli

* Note: This is an excerpt of the contents of the official letter from Nassau Health Care Corporation to Uniondale Neighborhood Center.



Engel Burman at Uniondale LLC made application to Nassau County Industrial Development for financial assistance in 2017 for its plans to develop portions of the property referred to in the letter above. In Section G of the questionnaire/application thus: "Describe and estimate any other one-time municipal revenues (not including fees payable to the Agency) that the Project will create:" - their response was: "For both projects at 875 Jerusalem Avenue, Uniondale - permit fees of approximately $600,000, the payment of $150,000 toward the construction of soccer fields and the payment of $600,000 toward the construction of a community center."

To date, the Engel Burman Group has not shared with the Uniondale Neighborhood Center, (the organization named in the above letter) how they will implement the terms contained therein. We request members of the Uniondale community to contact the Engel Burman Group to pose that very question and get answers to why they have not been responsive despite multiple overtures.

* Please note that as of this month of July 2020 counsel for the Uniondale Neighborhood Center is still awaiting Engel Burman's representatives to affirm a meeting date.


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