Welcome to John J Byrne Community Center

The John J Byrne Community Center’s primary goal is to serve the residents of Uniondale with access to quality programs for children, youth, and families.

We aim always to provide a wide range of activities in our facility where every visitor may find something that fulfills their needs and do so in a sharing, good-natured atmosphere.

What We Do

We empower community organizations to be their very best in delivering community services, especially for youth.

We like to believe that our ability to provide suitable facilities for their programs directly links us to their effectiveness in nurturing our children and setting them on pathways to success.

Our Story

We’ve provided programming and operating space for community organizations for over three decades. We maintain the physical infrastructure and operations of our community center facilities.

Consequently, other community organizations are relieved of the need to invest their efforts in their operations and instead expend all their energies on their core missions. As a result, they improve their effectiveness significantly.

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